Costa Rica

Special Phonetic Features and Accents:
In Costa Rica the inhabitants use yeismo, seseo, and have syllable final liquid r and l. This is similar to standard international Spanish. Yeismo is the use of Spanish in which you pronounce the letter y and double l's as [y]. Seseo uses voiceless alveolar fricatives (produced by constricting air flow through a narrow channel at the place of articulation, noted as [s] for the letters s, z, and ci/ce. The accents in which Costa Rican's use differ depending on their location. In the northern border of Costa Rica they share a similar accent to those that live in Nicaragua which is coined as a Nicoyan accent ( Another very refreshing feature of Costa Rica, to those that are not fluent in Spanish, is the speed in which they speak. Costa Rican's speak much slower than traditional Spanish speakers which illustrates their laid back nature and culture (

By Kevin Rocha