Caribbean lowland Spanish
Special Phonetic Features and accents
Voseo Vs Tuteo

Costa Rica is a small Central American country located west of the Caribbean Sea, North of Panama, and South of Nicaragua. There are 7 Provinces that make up the territories within Costa Rica, and a widely accepted use of Spanish as a language. This however does not mean they don't have their own unique dialects of Spanish within its borders. Costa Rica belongs to the group of Caribbean lowlands (tierra baja) with a small minority of Jamaican descendants speaking a local version of English ( are several particular phonetic traits that Costa Rican's use that make their language even more unique then the typical Caribbean lowlands, including phrasing and word choice (Tiquismos), different pronunciations, sounds or phonetic features, and speed in which the language is spoken. (Lipski, John)

By Kevin Rocha

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Information on why Costa Ricans call themselves tico/tica
Tico Slang
Creole Spanish
Caribbean Spanish
Nicaragua Accents
Provinces of Costa Rica
Religion of Costa Rica
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