The Islands are located about 70 miles of the coast of Africa and the total area of the Islands is 2,875 square miles with a population of about 1.6 million people. Tourism is the main source of the Canarian economy, as each of the seven Islands offers spectacular resort destinations, as well as an ideal year-round climate. A tourist visiting the Canary Islands might also witness some of the Islands unique sports. Some practice a form of wrestling called Canarian Wrestling, where opponents try to throw each other to the ground from a unique stance called “terrero”. In addition, Islanders like to practice two sports that originated from the Sheppard’s in the region. The “game of sticks” is a game where opponents fence using long walking sticks. Also the Sheppard’s jump comprises of Islanders using long sticks to vault over a big open area. Notable athletes like Sergio Rodriquez and David Silva of the Spanish National Basketball and Futból teams were born in the Canary Islands (“The Canary Islands ”).

By: Will Marks