Dominican Republic

Created by Tess Nastansky
dominican_republic0411_small.jpgOn average the 10 million people living in the Dominican Republic are Taino Indian, Spanish,
African, French and Haitian. The major language
in the Dominican Republic is Spanish. The people who live in the Dominican Republic are called denizens, Many denizens’ call their country “Quisqueya” [keys cay ya], which comes from the Taino Indian language, meaning ‘mother of the earth’.
Ciguayo [Si wa yo] is a Language that was discovered in 17th century text in the Dominican Republic, there are only two known words from this Language, and the rest are lost forever. Tuob means “gold” and unfortunately the meaning of the second word, Quisqueya [Kis keya] is unknown. The history of where Ciguayo comes from is unknown, the language doesn’t seem to originate from anywhere. The history of the Dominican Republic is very interesting; this wiki discuses a lot of the Dominican Republics' political history and the turmoil that the country went through while being passed back and forth between the Spanish and the French until Trujillo's Regime.


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